Sony’s actual big “Global Announcement”

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PS2 Price Cut $99

Yesterday Sony made that huge “Global Announcement” that had been hyped up over the past couple of days and we didn’t post anything about it.

Why? Well because it was incredibly boring and unimportant really. The big announcement was that the PS2’s price in America has been cut to $99, granted that’s better than an announcement about Pac-Man but really not very exciting in the bigger scheme of things.

However Sony didn’t seem to fully understand the true meaning of the word global as Sony UK has already announced that they are not dropping the price and I suspect that a lot of countries are not going to be following this price drop thanks to the current economic crisis. Luckily for us though it seems like we are getting a R300 drop on our side to bring the RRP to R1499… 

In my mind the PS2 has had it’s day and I don’t think I would buy another one unless they drop it to around R500.

Last Updated: April 1, 2009

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