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Sony’s shutting down all of the official PlayStation forums

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There’s an announcement that many people who’re invested in video games or the gaming industry are waiting on Sony to make. It’s not this one. Sony announced this weekend that they’ll summarily be shutting down the official PlayStation forums.

In an exceptionally terse statement on the forums themselves, Community Manager Groovy_Matthew announced the impending closure. That’s including regional forums, specific game forums, support, feedback et all

“Beginning 27th February, the PlayStation.com forums will no longer be available.

We invite you to continue the conversation via PlayStation.Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For product support, please visit the support site, Playstation.com/help/.”

On one hand, it makes sense to take the discussion about the PlayStation brand elsewhere, especially from a marketing perspective because it leads to flashier numbers that can be highlighted in marketing meetings. On the other, it seems a curious decision when it’s so close to the full reveal and release of the next generation of PlayStation consoles. Having a single home for the most ardent of fans to discuss the hardware, the games, and build up the rapport of community seems a bit of a no-brainer.

It just seems odd to kill off a dedicated community that’s been running for two decades. That said, the PlayStation forums have been a bit rubbish since their most recent overhaul; I’m just not sure social media’s the best place for worthwhile feedback on…well, on anything.

Last Updated: February 17, 2020

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