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Sorry that people are idiots, Bioware

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Some things piss me off; like kitten killers, rapists and the like. Generally, I am the calm, slow to anger fuzzy giant in the office.

Then things like this happen. And this.

Then my blood boils, to the point that I lose sleep, dreaming about a world where everything goes to hell because companies bow down to the noisy, mouth-breathing Neanderthals who clog up forums because something forced them to think. Something forced them out of their happy little Hollywood bubble, and made them uncomfortable. Imagine that. Novels have been doing it for decades, and even some movies  leave the viewer in a pit of despair at the end. But they tend to be pits where thinking happens, where conclusions or revelations occur.

Sorry Bioware. Sorry that the waves of vitriol from those with a big sense of entitlement and instant gratification drowned out the well-constructed praise of  your work.

Personally, seeing a company this large caving in to the consumers, instead of sticking to their guns, will set back game development, and games as an art form, for decades.

So next time you see the market flooded with generic war shooter 47 and its friend, war shooter Iraq 43, remember the demand that games stay in a comfort zone, without new art direction or IP.

At least the mouth-breathers will be happy with 50 fps titles released per year. Why FPS, you ask? Because they sell, despite being copy and paste map packs, as they give those vitriol-filled Neanderthals what they want: violence and more importantly, not having to think at all.

Sorry, Bioware.

Last Updated: March 22, 2012

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