Soul Calibur 5 going back to the basics with marketing

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Imagine the scene, a gaming exec is sitting in a meeting with a group of marketing experts and explaining that they have a fighting game coming out that isn’t exactly new, it’s the fifth in the series, and that they need to ensure gets enough media coverage.

It also needs to attract the attention of any male over the age of 16 as this is their target market.

The media experts think about this for about 0.2 seconds and then in unison scream out BOOBIES.

And that’s what we have, obviously you can’t just put posters up with boobs you’d need to at least include a face and maybe some legs right… well no. You see that header image above isn’t just me showing off my awesome image cropping skills and zooming into the important bits it really is the majority of the photo. Apart from the boobs the only other thing visible is a luscious pair of lips and some box art.. see for yourself


Oh but wait the words there may be very pertinent to this entire image and we may be jumping to conclusions here.

The Japanese words scrolled across her chest state “This Spring, your chest swells with anticipation”…. so no we’re 100% correct.

I don’t understand how these marketing people honestly expect us to fall for this and post it up on every gaming website on the planet. Just because it’s a perfect pair of breasts doesn’t mean we’re going to give it coverage… oh wait.

Soul Calibur 5 should be releasing locally in early February, I’ll see what I can do about organising a Soul Calibur 5 background for that time with this marketing campaign.

Last Updated: January 6, 2012

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