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Soulja Boy is making another game console, should Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft be worried? (No, lol)

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The Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 consoles launched a few months ago, and since then one inescapable truth has been revealed: They’re absolutely rubbish when compared to Soulja Boy’s gaming hardware. At least that’s probably the thought process that the American rapper (known as DeAndre Cortez Way to his mom) had when his latest hustle kicked off.

Soulja Boy first burst onto the gaming scene with the SouljaGame handheld and home consoles, devices that were produced by the finest sweatshops that China could offer and packed with a ton of illegal ROMs for good measure. Not only was SouljaBoy loaning his name to a side-gigs that was all kinds of illegal, it also resulted in people being duped into buying overpriced plastic rubbish that could barely live up to any of the features that the hyperbolic marketing promised.

Soulja Boy’s knock-off line of consoles was eventually met with all manner of cease and desist letters, and it looked like the final page of a very short gaming era had been written. Not exactly, as Soulja Boy is back with another gaming grift that claims that the rapper is “building a new console from scratch,” and that this model has an “all-new design”, “all-new games” and “all-new deals”.

Here’s what it looks like according to the device’s official Instagram:


While the rapper has made roads into more legitimate and lucrative avenues within gaming such as streaming and his own esports organisation, there’s just too much dollar dollar on the table for him not to get involved in the console gaming market again. Will this console face the same issues that his previous machines were notorious for? Very likely, and if the quality control is anything like the previous devices…

…Then Microsoft and Sony won’t have too much to worry about. Got to give the man credit for trying though, and at least this device will be easier to get your hands on when it finally ships.

Last Updated: February 22, 2021

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