South Africa gets Battlefield 4 pickup games

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I’ve been hearing a lot about smaller initiatives to help grow the eSports community in this country. While sometimes it’s all about new LAN tournaments or leagues, we’ve also seen game specific communities growing. Hearthstone already has one, and now Battlefield is getting a unique community.

Battlefield South Africa is a new initiative that will be hosting small cups in the build up to the Do Gaming Championships. However, that’s not all they’re organizing – they are also introducing the concept of pickup matches to the country, and it’s something all Battlefield 4 players can get excited about. For those who don’t know, a pickup is a mock clan match, but any player can fill the slots by joining the current game through the pickup system.

The factor that will draw most players to play pickups will be that pickups offer a drastically more competitive experience than normal public servers. Another way of putting it is that because we can’t play proper clan matches during the off-peak times, we settle for playing mock clan matches made up of a random mix of players. If you’ve ever been frustrated about the complete lack of teamwork and co – ordination on an public server (Think about no one revives you or getting kick of a public server saying your hacking because you killed an admin.) Then pickups are the answer. Pickups will help you improve individually (learn tips and tricks from the best) and to play as a team (learn how to work together).

Want to get involved? You will need a legitimate version of BF4, a headset with a mic, and Teamspeak 3. Then you will need to get logged into the Pickup system with your Nickname registered on the Pickup channel and bot. For a full guide on how to register, head on over here.

I think this is great for the BF4 players. We already clearly have fantastic BF4 players considering the success they’ve seen at the ESL from the Southern Barbarians. Pickup matches will allow players to have more competitive level practice, and learn new tips and tricks by playing with unfamiliar team mates and opponents.

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Last Updated: April 23, 2014

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