South Africa gets mentioned in a MGS interview

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image No I am not talking about Metal Gear Solid here I am talking about Microsoft Games Studios….

Peter Zetterberg, business development manager for Europe, has been talking to about future opportunities and other things relating to making computer games for a living.

However while the majority of the article is interesting the part that really jumps out is when South Africa get a specific, if not so great mention.

I think that the South African region is perceived in a similar way to former Eastern block territories year’s go. We’re looking at the business case for companies in the region seriously, but I think the general perception is that it’s a region that isn’t really taken seriously

So now that we know for sure that MGS knows where SA is, I think it’s about time for us to get ready to pitch some games to them.

Lets show them that we are to be taken seriously….


Last Updated: July 4, 2008

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