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South African PlayStation Plus pricing gets an overhaul

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In 2017, South African PlayStation users got slapped with a hefty PlayStation Plus increase. It brought the price of the annual subscription up to R899 from R749, the quarterly price up to R349 from R219, and the monthly price to R109 from R99.

Now there are some big changes coming, lowering the price of quarterly and annual subscriptions, but – for some reason – increasing the cost of the monthly one. According to Sony, the reason for the altered pricing is a “change in market conditions.”

Here’s the new pricing:

  • 12-month subscription: R749 (down from R899)
  • 3-month subscription: R319 (down from R349)
  • 1-month subscription: R119 (up from R109)

The multi-month subscriptions are now priced the same as they were before the 2017 increase, while the single month subscription is higher than it has ever been. It sure makes the 3 and 12-month subscriptions a little more enticing, with the average cost for a month down to R106.33 and R62.42 respectively. Yeah, look…if you’re pretty sure you’re going to stick with PlayStation Plus for its free games and online multiplayer, you’re probably going to want to stack the 12-month subscriptions. If you’ve already stacked those, well then that’s on you.

The changed pricing comes into effect on May 1, 2020, and any automatic renewal you have in place will still charge your account. If your subscription ends this month or next, it’s probably worth cancelling it for a bit and waiting for the new pricing – but after that, any fees payable will be charged at the new price.

Last Updated: March 2, 2020

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