South African PS3 Home issue resolved Z(7,-12)

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There was a mini internet riot earlier when it became apparent that South Africans were being blocked from the new open Beta of PS3 Home. 

Well there is some good news, TedTheDog who is apparently the Home moderator over at the official forums has been helping out and has this to say

Just had confirmation that the fix will be going live in the next 20 minutes. It doesnt require downtime so is pretty straight forward. It was a missing line from a server file and they’re amending it now.

So kudo’s for Sony for listening to our issues and for the quick resolution to the problem.

Also a big thanks to MagicDude4Eva for starting the thread in the first place and for trying to rally everyone else to keep the issue in the limelight.

On the down side, the thread became a bit of a childish embarrassment for our country after one moron posted a comment about there only being about 10 gamers in Africa. Please guys if you want to defend the country it’s fine then start a new thread and do that, don’t polute a valid thread with childish bickering.

Last Updated: December 12, 2008

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