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South Korea to host League of Legends World Championships

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For the last two years, the League of Legends Worth Championships have taken place in Los Angeles. The Staples Center sold out in record time for Season 3, and I sorta assumed that LA was the new home of the LoL championships. But, I was wrong.

Riot has announced that in 2014, the World Championship will be held in South Korea. No specific city is mentioned, though. So are we just going to assume that it will be in Seoul? Wherever it is exactly, I will happily take this as an opportunity to travel to South Korea, if I’m invited.

League of Legends is growing in popularity all over the world. It is one of the largest and most popular eSports in the States, and is gaining momentum in South Africa. I know plenty of people who have returned to LoL after being frustrated with the local Dota 2 community. I find it interesting that Riot has decided to bring their championship to Korea. Is it because of the superiority of Korean players? Perhaps because a Korean team won Season 3. It would be really interesting if they took a Eurovision Song Competition approach to the World Championships and moved to wherever the previous winning team originated.

That said, Korea is often seen as the birthplace of eSports. It seems fitting that a country that airs eSports on mainstream TV would get to enjoy the benefits of hosting this massive tournament. Still, I like the idea of a traveling World Championship, one that could one day come to South Africa.

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Last Updated: November 12, 2013

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