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South Park RPG takes cues from Paper Mario

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I am not a fan of South Park. There, I said it – feel free to hurl rocks in my general direction. Granted, I’ve not watched anything beyond the first season and I’ve been told (often quite forcefully) that it’s gotten a lot better and offers some of the best unabashed social commentary available. That said, the notion of a South Park RPG – a proper RPG – intrigued me.

My intrigue has now been replaced by dribbling (I won’t say from where) enthusiasm.

With the South Park kids essentially being paper cut-outs (albeit digital paper cut-outs), the game has taken its RPG cues from the greatest game featuring paper cut outs; Paper Mario! If you haven’t played any of the Paper Mario games, you’ve really missed out; they feature some of the best turn-based RPG combat you’ll find in any RPG. In South Park RPG, developed by RPG veterans Obsidian, You might, for instance swing your sword automatically, but hitting the right button just before impact will cause double damage – a mechanic that Paper Mario (and Super Mario RPG) players should be instantly familiar with.

That’s me, sold. If that’s not done it for you, perhaps the game’s available classes might. When you start out you can choose to be a fighter, thief, mage, cleric, or…Jew.

Watch Lead Designer Matt MacLean explaining the game over at Gameinformer.

Last Updated: December 13, 2011

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