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Spawn shields in Battlefield 3 – Good or bad?

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Alan Kertz, gameplay designer for Battlefield 3, has confirmed over Twitter that you can kill newly revived players in the upcoming Battlefield 3.

This has led some people into asking whether or not spawn shields in FPS titles are a good idea? A spawn shield is that magical ability that makes you invulnerable for a few seconds when you first spawn back into battle.

The haters will point out the numerous times they were killed by the godlike abilities of a newly spawned person which is categorically unfair.

And at first the idea of being invulnerable for a short period does seem to be a bit unfair but then you remember back to the old days of Quake and Doom and that once your opposing team had managed to secure the spawn sites the game was pretty much over as a competition.

This is why the spawn shields were introduced, they pretty much put an end to spawn camping with the only side effect being that if someone is around when you spawn you have a massive upper hand for a short while.

So I ask you, are spawn shields something that we no longer need thanks to the improvements in random spawning and the size of the maps or are they a great defence against spawn camping?

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Last Updated: June 24, 2011

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