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Spawn towns in The Witcher 3 and why there’s more male nudity

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Topless Geralt

The Witcher 3 is exciting. It features some of the deepest story-telling that you can get in gaming. For some, it’s too complex; for others, it’s a dream come true. Whatever your stance, there are some very cool things that are nuanced and considered. I like games made by smart people and CD Projekt Red are obviously a highly intelligent bunch.

Game designer Damien Monnier chatted about the game during a podcast with GameTrailers and the awesome people of Dualshockers mined it for information. He talked about the lack of fetch quests (except used as a character development tool) and why ice skating was removed from the game. But this bit about town spawning was particularly intriguing to me:

In some cases when you kill the monsters in an area, humans will settle it. In the prologue there’s actually a cutscene that shows is as it happens so that the players understand the mechanic. It’s not always so simple, and there are different states. Whenever you go into an area the game will check what you have and what you haven’t done, who you helped, who you killed, the decisions you made during quests and dialogue. That can change a lot of things, including the people that spawn in a village. The mechanic is simple, but it can get complex because of all the branching.

Plenty of games have had mechanics with towns spawning after you get rid of the dangers, but this is so much more complex. There is nuance to it – you can’t just run in and kill all the things and expect a new village to appear. Your decisions will impact the world in so many ways.

Monster levels don’t scale, so you’ll need to make sure you’re powerful enough to take on the various opponents in the game. The bestiary sounds like an important source of information and gear has recently been rebalanced. It’s quite interesting in fact – you won’t be carrying around gear that you can’t use because you’re too low level. Gear immediately scales down to your level if it’s too high for you. However, once you pick up that item, its stats are set so it won’t scale back up to its original stats. Still, you’ll continue getting better loot as you move forward anyway, so no need to mourn if the stats aren’t as high as they could have been.

Finally, there was a big conversation within the team about Geralt’s nudity. Apparently it involved the extra polygons and animations for his penis while running. Some in the team felt that because there was a lot of female nudity in the game, there should be male nudity as well – even if an animated penis is tricky. The result? There’s a lot more male nudity than in previous games, but Geralt still normally wears his underwear. Just imagine what mutations did to his man-bits…

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It’s painful waiting for this game now. One more month to go – we can make it. This game has so many elements that feel designed to make me happy… I’m becoming far to afraid that it will fail to live up to hype and expectations.

Last Updated: April 17, 2015

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