Speedrunner ‘Controllerhead’ banned from AGDQ

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Kirby’s Adventure speed runner and current world record holder ‘Controllerhead’ was banned from Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 after allegedly sexually harassing female patrons, being drunk and disorderly, and damaging someone else’s console. He was also criticised for some comments he made while running on stream, but was ultimately not the reason he got banned. What allegedly happened behind the scenes is what got him thrown out of AGDQ


On twitter, a female attendee of AGDQ Ashley Anne @sn0wtigerr on Twitter has complained of sexual harassment against Controllerhead during the event. Although this can’t be stated as fact, it has been confirmed by multiple sources on reddit and twitter. Controllerhead is said to have problems with alcohol abuse.


Controllerhead also damaged a console that he didn’t own. According to comments on the AGDQ reddit thread in r/speedrun, he punched cyghfer’s NES console after getting frustrated with the game during practice.

“Then, he was playing kirby on cyghfer’s NES. He got mad at the game for whatever reason, and told me and another individual to look at what he was about to do. He said something like “look at the screen” and punched cyghfer’s NES extremely hard. The screen turned to random pixels, and cyghfer’s NES was now cracked (I think it is still working, but there is still no excuse to damage another’s console for absolutely no reason).”

As someone who’s taken a look at his run and watched it after hearing the news, I can definitely see that he was acting pretty strange. Sure, one might be able to blame that on being nervous, but he was indeed saying some odd things during his run. When he made mistakes during the run, a few off colour things were blurted out, but nothing I would usually raise an eyebrow about. That being said, the stuff behind the scenes is pretty awful considering what the marathon is actually for, and of course no one needs to feel uncomfortable or in danger anywhere. I for one hope he gets back on track and deals with his problems.  

Last Updated: January 8, 2014

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