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Spelunky receives Pro HUD in 1.4 update

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Update, is still addictive game

Mossmouth, headed by indie developer Derek Yu, has released an update for the steam version of Spelunky which sorts out quite a lot of minor bugs, but also adds a few new interesting features.

The entire change log can be seen here, but the biggest feature added is the inclusion of the “Pro” HUD, which is less intrusive than the normal HUD. It also has a level by level timer for speed runners. It can be used to see how long you’ve been on a level and when the ghost will come on each level, which is extremely helpful for those looking to “ghost” gems to get a high score.

Some of the more important bug fixes are that the daily challenge seeds will no longer repeat and scores will not get reduced to $1 anymore. Multiple upload attempts of scores have been added in case they fail the first time. The ghost will now no longer kill you instantly during the cutscene after getting to Olmec if you happened to break 3 of Kali’s altars along the way, allowing for ghosting on the Olmec fight.

Spelunky has enjoyed a very strong community of casual and serious players (myself included), and I’m sure all of these changes are a welcome addition. The Pro HUD is very interesting to me because it shows that the developers understand the metagame of Spelunky and have directly catered for it. Very rarely do you see high level players being catered for like that. Good to see that the team at Mossmouth are taking care of this indie gem. 

Last Updated: February 11, 2014

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