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Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a crime-fighting cat in your backpack, that’s it, that’s the headline

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New York’s a bit of a weird city, but the isle of Manhattan is filled with all manner of distractions that are unique to it: Broadway’s iconic line of theatres, a style of pizza so wonderfully greasy that you can lubricate your organs with it, and those mad as a hatter buskers in Times Square who run a weird racket aimed at snap-happy tourists.

I’ve been there before, and while my own schedule was to visit a certain comic book store and the filming locations for Ghostbusters and Highlander, I was absolutely delighted to find out that New York’s Bodega’s do mostly have cats on the premises. It’s one of the most New Yorkiest things ever, and guess what? At least one of those fantastic furrballs will be seen in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

According to Game Informer, one of the missions you’ll take on as the newest web-slinger to hit the streets is a case involving a bodega owner whose shop has been ran-sacked. Here’s the kicker: The fiends stole his cat, who just so happens to be named Spider-Man. And here I was thinking that nothing could top the villainy of Norman Osborne.

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Anyway, Miles tracks them down, saves the day and rescues furrier Spider-Man by putting him in his backpack. At which point congratulations, you’ve just unlocked the ultimate crime-fighting partner. Somehow the small Spider-Man will prefer to stay in Miles’ backpack, dons his own mask and when you land a finishing move on an enemy, he’ll pop out to deliver instant clawed justice.

It’s perfect, it’s silly, and it puts a smile on my face. Spider-Man and Bodega Cat, the ultimate force for good! It’s not too long to go now until Marvel’s newest and greatest hero hits the scene, gets distracted by an empty box, and then has a quick 18-hour nap before making Galactus tremble in his goofy big boots. And when it does arrive, there’ll be zero loading screens to get in the way of best Spider-Man launching a hairball vomit attack.

Last Updated: October 15, 2020

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