Spielberg Predicts Death of The Console

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Imagine a dark chilly night with all the cliches of thick fog, full moons, howling wolves and the clinging of chains… scary to some (if you were in a 50’s horror movie) but we’re gamers.

And if you’re a die hard player then these the notion that the age of consoles are coming to an end shouldn’t startle you.

So even though Hollywood tycoon and master-filmmaker, Steven Spielberg predicts that gaming consoles will sooner than later suffer the same fate as the arcade, I trust that the true believers won’t be demoralized.

But for those who aren’t so sure… all this pertains to is the further development in services like Onlive where pricey consoles will become a relic of the past and gaming will be even more accessible… at least they had better be!

Source: Play.tm

Last Updated: May 21, 2009

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