Splatoon recreated in Minecraft. Sorta

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Splatoon is one of the most fun shooter experiences you’re likely to have this year – provided you own a Wii U – and not very many people do. The game in which you’re a kid now, and a squid now, is selling rather well for Nintendo, thanks to its unique and endearing take on the third person shooter. Still, with so many people hesitant to jump in to Nintendo’s inkpool, it means that far too many people will miss out on Splatoon. Or at least would have, had it not been recreated in Minecraft.

Yes, some rather industrious modder has seen fit to replicate Splatoon’s core gameplay within Mojang’s digital brick building and breaking world. It features the same “cover the area with your colour” core gameplay you’d find in Turf War, Spaltoon’s main mode – along with three of its weapons: The Splattershot, The Splat Charge and the dastardly Splat Roller. It even has you switching to squid form to recharge your paint supply, move up walls and dash about quicker. And even if it offers the most basic slice fof Splatoon – without the abilities, levelling up, interesting aesthetic, catchy sound-track, genius audio direction, charm or fun.

Still, it’s all rather impressive that it’s been knocked up in Minecraft within weeks of the game’s release – which is something creator SethBling should be quite proud of. It’s available for Vanilla Minecraft 1.8 and is made for 4v4 online multiplayer mayhem. You can grab it here. If this even remotely tickles you, you ought to give the actual game a bash.

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Last Updated: June 8, 2015

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