Splinter Cell Launch – The hungover recap

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The awesome guys from Megarom and Microsoft hosted us in Bryanston last night for an awesome night of drinks, food and games.  We got some hands on time with the Splinter Cell: Blacklist code, and I drank plenty of girly boozy drinks.

Yup, fun times were had by all last night as Megarom presented the newest iteration in the Splinter Cell franchise.  This one takes you out of the shadows and let’s you experience more action.  This also resulted in Megarom’s Devon Stanton making growling noises.  Scary stuff.

Free stuff was won by a bunch of people, but not us.  I still think there’s a conspiracy with Random.org.  After presentations, people were invited to play the game, although most made a beeline for the food and booze.  And more booze.  Shame, poor Gavin’s 25th drink must have been spiked considering his headache today.

For those of you who couldn’t be there, this can make you jealous.

Last Updated: August 16, 2013

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