Splinter Cell Website Goes Russian

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Not too much has been revealed regarding the story aspect of Splinter Cell : Conviction – what we do know is that for a while at least, Sam has gone rogue. The official website has divulged a little more today – at least letting us know Russians will be involved. No, not the sausages – the vodka-swilling type. They’d better not be portrayed in a negative light – we know how much they appreciate that sort of thing.

The page now loads up with a message dated 27.11.09 (that’s in the future!), which in Cyrillic script tells us :

Периодически система безопасности будет отключаться для проведения плановых работ и защиты данных. Во время подобных работ может возникнуть брешь в безопасности от внешней угрозы. Таким образом, все отключения будут носить случайный характер в соответствии со случайной схемой Дельта-3-6-Оскар

I’ve run that through my super-secret-agent translator (otherwise known as Babelfish) and this was the result :

周期地保安系统為舉辦將是分離的計劃的工作和数据保护。 在相似的工作期間能從從外部危机的危險中出现突破口。 因此,所有轉動的offs將負擔任意自然與任意圖三角洲3 6奧斯卡符合

I then realised it would probably make more sense to all of you in English, so I did it again :

Periodically security system will be disconnected for conducting of planned works and data protection. During similar works can arise the breach out of danger from the external threat. Thus, all turning offs will bear random nature in accordance with the random diagram Delta-3-6- Oscar

The numbers 59.935903 and 30.321429 appear in the bottom right of the screen. These could be co-ordinates, dollar prices for a tank of 95 octane fuel, or the number of times I’ve masturbated to Elisha Cuthbert and Kate Beckinsale respectively – but how would they know?

What insight in to the game does this give us? What does it mean? I have absolutely no bloody idea, to be honest.

See it all for yourself, here.

Last Updated: November 26, 2009

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