Splinter Cell’s new visual direction?

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Splinter Cell

Apparently Splinter Cell Conviction has not been canned and is very much still in development.

Not just that but it is also undergoing an entirely new visual makeover which according to the developers

“Splinter Cell Conviction is certainly not canned, despite what the Internet rumour mill says, and won’t look significantly different to what you’ve seen before,”

This is one of those games that had some huge hype around it a while back but in all honesty I now expect it to be an utter disaster. There was obviously a huge problem with the game and going back and trying to patch it generally doesn’t work.

Let’s hope it lives up to it’s previous hype but don’t hold you breath.

So much for the Xbox 360 having the great exclusive, I seem to also recall people saying the PS3 couldn’t handle this game… it seems the 360 wasn’t so great at handling it either.

Source: Videogaming247

Last Updated: September 23, 2008

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