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Square-Enix Announces New Dissidia Final Fantasy

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Square-Enix have announced a new Dissidia Final Fantasy sequel for the PSP, which is confusingly entitled Duodecim. For you non-Latin readers, thats ‘twelve’.

The title was revealed in last week’s Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan. It is set for release in 2011, will come out on PSP, and we can expect new maps, BGM, battle elements and an improved communication system. Character-wise, Lightning (From Final Fantasy XIII) and Kain (from Final Fantasy IV) have been confirmed as new additions.

Thoughts and some screenshots after the jump.

Apparently fans have been clamouring for a sequel, so Square-Enix saw fit to announce this despite the complete media blackout on Final Fantasy 13 Agito and Versus. Given the development hell that XIII went through, this doesn’t seem very surprising.

The most curious thing about this game is by far the completely preposterous title. How and why it was decided to be called Dissidia Twelve really is anyone’s guess. The only rational reason I can find is Square Enix seem to be enjoying giving their games confusing or illogical titles, such as Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

The text under the title in the header images means “The story of defeat in approach of the final battle”, according to Andriasang, by the way.

Expect to hear more about the game at TGS, as Tetsuya Nomura (executive producer) has hinted they will unveil something new at the show.

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Source: Andriasang (via Gameinformer)

Last Updated: September 14, 2010

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  1. Geoffrey Tim

    September 14, 2010 at 13:38

    Squeenix really need to get over themselves and all their pretentiousness. Duodecim? Fuck off. It’s the second game in the series you cocksucking ponces.


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