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Square Enix announces Sleeping Dogs

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When I think of Square Enix I think of those pretty terrible games they make like Deus Ex, Dead Island, Tomb Raider, Hitman.. no wait those are all awesome games. That’s good news because they’ve just announced a brand new IP which could end up being incredible.

Sleeping Dogs is set in Hong Kong and will be released later this year, it follows the story of a seriously deep undercover police man in the Chinese triads who appears to have forgotten what side he is on.

The launch trailer contains absolutely no gameplay footage at all and yet is possibly the best videogame trailer of all time.

Seriously if this game isn’t any good they can just pretend it didn’t happen and release it as a movie instead, or how about making a movie at the same time and you can then swap in and out of the story… oh no wait that’s been done before and it was terrible.

But seriously watch this trailer but be warned it includes a lot of violence, blood, gore and awesomeness

Some choice quotes from the press release

From the moment you pick up the controller and experience the blend of driving, close combat and shooting you know you’re playing something fresh and a bit special,” said Lee Singleton, General Manager of Square Enix London Studios. “Sleeping Dogs has one of the best melee combat systems out there – it’s super brutal with devastating takedown moves, and when added to UFG’s proven heritage in driving games, a first class story and the vibrant backdrop of the Hong Kong underworld we get a fiery recipe with fun written all over it.

“Working on Sleeping Dogs has been such a huge passion for the team at United Front Games and we’re really pleased to be working with Square Enix London Studios,” said Stephen Van Der Mescht, Executive Producer at United Front Games. “The extensive experience both our studios have in creating compelling openworld gameplay and rich and rewarding combat makes for a perfect partnership. Working together we can make sure that Sleeping Dogs is the most intense and immersive experience it can be.

Last Updated: February 9, 2012

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