Square Enix renaming to simply ‘Square’

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Square Enix filed a new trademark recently for ‘Square’ and the trademark details are a near perfect match for the current trademark details that protect the Square Enix brand.

So logically the conclusion is that Square Enix is about to embark on a rebranding exercise and will henceforth be known by the name we’ve been calling them in media get togethers for the last couple of years.

Square Enix has never really rolled off the tongue and generally they are just referred to as Square so either they are going to officially rename to that or they are simply protecting the Square trademark before some other enterprising games publisher decided to grab it for themselves.

Source: DualPixels

PS: Yes news is pretty non existent in the day before Gamescom, don’t fear though we’ve got some good stories coming up later (I hope)

Last Updated: August 16, 2011

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