Square Enix still talking about reform

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Square enix fingerWe’ve told you a few times now that Square Enix has admitted to making mistakes and is looking to reform the company. Okay, cool. Part of that meant more communication with consumers, which should make us all happy. However, I’m starting to get a bit worried.

Speaking to Infoseek, Yosuke Matsuda explained that Square Enix needs to move into a new business model, one where development and sales are less separate:

Development and and sales were divided, and the game developers only needed to concentrate on their work. That’s where the strengths of our company laid within.

Past gaming generation changes took roughly three to five years. Nowadays, released titles are updated every day, and it only takes about three months for a situation to completely change. In order to react with such speed, it is urgent for development and sales to be unified as one.

He went on to say that developers no longer get to work away from the gaze of their audience. Content needs to be shared on a consistent basis, with more interaction with consumers. You see, in theory that sounds great. However, it doesn’t just mean that we will see more awesomeness sooner – it can also mean that creativity is stifled and games are made to appeal to a soundbite culture rather than taking the time to make something truly innovative.

Part of what made Square Enix games so great was the depth of each game. They weren’t just thrown together – games were well thought out, developed and surprising. While I would love to see more, I’m just worried that this will mean that we see more of the things that have been making me so upset lately. C’mon Square Enix – do the research on your target audience and make them happy. Don’t just go grasping at straws to try to turn a profit.

Last Updated: October 7, 2013

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