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When I was young and foolish, I had absolute faith in Squaresoft. I remember going into stores and buying any RPG that they pushed out, which was how I discovered Secret of Evermore and Secret of Mana. That faith has been broken, but I won’t lie – I’m a teensy bit excited at the prospect of this announcement.

Kotaku is reporting that Square Enix is making a new, unannounced RPG for consoles. According to a supposed early Famitsu leak, Squeenix president Yosuke Matsuda mentioned that they were working on a new RPG for home consoles:

Actually, right now, we are readying a new role-playing game for home consoles that isn’t a remake. In December, we’ll start with making an announcement.

[…] To avoid misunderstanding, among the forthcoming titles that do not include the home consoles, there are also various games bound for smartphones and PC. There are titles studios outside Japan are developing, too.

[…] Starting early next year, I think we’ll be announcing various types of titles. But at this stage, we cannot say which will be for home consoles or portables.

We already know that Final Fantasy is getting some strange mobile apps, but it’s nice to hear that there is more going on at Square Enix than just Final Fantasy. A new RPG that isn’t a remake? This could be something special. Or awful. Only time will tell, but it’s making me a bit more excited for December. Hopefully, they still have some people on staff with unique and innovative ideas that will blow me away – I miss the old days of believing in Square Enix. At least now with RPGs making a comeback in general, we might see some cool new things coming from them.

Did you ever feel this way about Square Enix, or am I the only one? Were there other publishers that you believed in?

Last Updated: November 26, 2014

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