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Square to nix retailer exclusive bonuses?

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We’ve discussed the retailer-exclusive pre-order incentives that have started making their way to South African retail before; where you might get one set of extra goodies from, say, TackleIt.com and something else if you bought the same game from Calamari.com – and something completely different from Bietie Games. As far as I’m concerned, it kinda sucks; a purist would have to purchase the same game from several retailers to have a complete game. somebody at Square-Enix thinks it’s lame too.

Square Enix’s director of marketing Cord Smith, speaking to GI.biz, said he’d like to see the end of retailer-specific pre-order bonuses. He believes that “channel-wide” pre-order bonuses would be of benefit to everybody.

first to benefit would be gamers, who’d no longer have to hunt for the “best” pre-order exclusives; Publishers wouldn’t have to worry about making so many different SKU’s and retailers would just be able to sell the stuff without pushing specific incentives. Easy Peasy.

“It’s a sensitive game, but it’s one I think we can play. The retailers have been very receptive to the fact that something channel-wide doesn’t really take anything away from them,” Smith said.

“It kind of puts the ball in their court. The more they can do to bring awareness to their particular customer base about the offer, the better they’ll do. As long as it’s a good incentive, it’s not so bad that’s it’s not fully exclusive.”

Doing is better than saying though, and Smith confirms that Square-Enix wants to push channel-wide incentives for its next big release, Tomb Raider.

Last Updated: November 21, 2012

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