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STALKER 2 has custom teeth tools for creating very British smiles

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After untold years in development, STALKER 2 aka I’m not putting a period between every letter, is finally looking like it might see the light of day. Having been in production for over a decade now, GSC Game World’s return to the very real nuclear wasteland of Chernobyl looks like a dirty and grubby game of survival. Plus it has really bad teeth for its NPCs, but on purpose!

On Friday’s ID@Xbox presentation, GSC Game World showed off the custom teeth tool that the team has been using to give every NPC in the game a mouth full of British-approved smile bones. It’s a bit of a grim segment, especially for those of us who had to sit down last year and endure two root canal surgeries in one sitting. That was me by the way, and it was horrifying stuff. Hence why bad teeth creep me out more than usual.

“These tiny accents ensure that each character looks completely unique,” GSC Game World’s Zakhar Bocharov explained in the video below. “Literally every human in STALKER 2 has a one-of-a-kind smile.”

Said smiles include regular chompers, faded face ivory, and even a few dental replacements because if you’re going to explore an irradiated hellscape, you might as well have a mouth full of bling. As someone who previously marveled at how hands in vdeo games evolved from literal ham-fisted blocks attached to the end of arms into appendages that have multiple working digits, something like this fascinates me.

I’m imagining some developer, locked away inside a dank room and burning the midnight oil as he carefully selects each tooth for the maw of some plucky Russian arms dealer, each enamel-coated food pulping tool telling a story of love, loss, and only brushing your teeth when you’re going out on a date. It’s mad, but it also explains why STALKER 2 has been in development for so long I guess. At least when it finally arrives, it’ll be sporting a killer smile.

Last Updated: March 29, 2021

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