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Stand for office in local eSports

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The time has come, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) elections are upon us.  At the end of the year, several positions will become available.  Positions run for three years, are you up for the job?

The MSSA is an important body on the eSports scene, organizing a variety of events on a range of platforms.  Whether or not you’re a fan of eSports, it’s awesome to see the local scene flourishing.  Here are the positions that are available:

  • President
  • Vice President: Umpires
  • General Secretary
  • National Schools Director
  • Woman’s Desk
  • Disabled Gamers Rep
  • eSports Rep (Computers)
  • Figure Gaming Rep
  • Card Gaming Rep

Wow, those are a lot of options!  Are you into competitive card gaming?  Or how about wanting to get involved with schools?  I know everyone is quick to criticize how things are done – how about taking some action and helping to make eSports in South Africa even better?

Now, what do you have to do to be eligible?  First of all, you have to be over 18.  Yup, only adults welcome.  Next, you need to be nominated by a member club.  Here is a list of clubs that are members of the MSSA – it may be out of date, so if you’re a part of a different club, don’t despair – contact the MSSA and find out if you are, in fact, a member.  Then, you need one club to nominate you and one club to second the nomination.  After that, you’re nominated and standing in the election – just don’t pull an Anthony Weiner, that’s so passé.

The elections will be held on 8 December 2013, but all nominations have to be in 45 days in advance.  That means (by my awesome backwards date counting) that 25 October 2013 is the deadline.  So, plenty of time for you to polish your shoes, press your suit and get ready for politics!

Check out the MSSA Facebook page for more details!

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Last Updated: July 25, 2013

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