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Star Citizen is the “best damn everything sim”

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Star Citizen is a frightfully ambitious game. It’s also one that seems to be growing in scope and ambition as it either becomes the greatest game ever, or succumbs to feature creep – depending on who you talk to. While many had lost hope in the game (and all of that ambition) ever coming to a fruition, a video released to coincide with Gamescom showed some incredible progress. It looks incredible, and the stream showed exactly why Star Citizen is the most anticipated game of 2031.

Take a look:

For a long time, Cloud Imperium Games’ Chris Roberts called Star Citizen “the best damn space sim.” In an extensive (and worthwhile) interview with Gamers Nexus, Roberts said the game is now the best damned everything sim.

“Right. It’s not even ‘best damn space sim’ anymore, it’s ‘best damn everything sim.’ Especially with the way the procedural planets […] we were able to do that with everyone’s support, which allowed us to open up the Frankfurt office and hire up people that are incredibly talented […] That’s the iterative way that Star Citizen works, because I wasn’t thinking we were going to be able to do what we are going to be able to do now, but the additional play possibilities that come with it and what players will be able to do by themselves, it’s really exciting.

You’ve opened up a much bigger palette of things you can do because you have planetary locations, you can do things, recover things, rescue people, create your own little place – whatever you want to do. Whereas before, we were more limited to space and landing areas that were just a certain area, so it’s – from a game designer standpoint, someone making games – it’s super, super, super exciting, because it means the world is going to feel bigger and more alive.”

Since its reveal, Star Citizen has grown from being a space sim with a persistent universe, to a full on first person shooter with intricate weather systems. The way it’s going it’ll soon be a general life simulator. But when will it be an actual game? Right now, even for those with access to its systems and modules, it doesn’t really feel like a game.

Alpha 3.0 – showcased above – will be the first steps towards star Citizen looking and feeling like a game. It’s expected to go live to backers by the end of 2016.

“3.0 is the first time you can say that, when you get out there and fly around, it will feel like a full game, or a complete game, because you’ll be able to go between locations, buy and sell stuff, earn money, do all the things you normally would do in something like a Privateer or a Freelancer. That’s the first step to the Persistent Universe getting fully fleshed-out. There’s a lot more to be done — locations, worlds, systems, additional professions.”

If you’re interested in more Star Citizen, Kotaku UK has a really, really incredible look at the game’s troubled and storied development.

Last Updated: September 28, 2016

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