Star Citizen could come to PS4

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Chris Roberts, creator of those old-timey space shooter sims you loved in your youth, is coming back with a big bang. His new game, Star Citizen, has received $8 million in crowd funding is set to revitalise the genre he helped create. And it could be coming to the PlayStation 4.

A firm member of the master race, and a staunch PC adherent, Roberts told GI International that he thinks the PlayStation 4 is a “nice piece of hardware,” because it’s “essentially a PC.”

“The good news is that it’s essentially a PC, so that means PC owners will get much better ports of console games,” he said. “I’m not a PC elitist by any means; if I could be on the PS4, and they were open, and I could do the updating and all the sort of stuff we’re trying to do on Star Citizen, then I would definitely consider putting it on PS4, because it’s essentially a PC with a friendlier operating system.”

And while there are no plans just yet to bring Star citizen to Sony’s hussied-up PC, it’s something he’d certainly consider. Despite all things PC running in his blood, he’s quite optimistic about the future of consoles too.

“I think the console business will be healthy for quite a while, I think the PC business, the tablet business, the mobile business, they’ll all be healthy,” he said. “I think there’s money to be made in all of them. I just like the PC business because there aren’t a lot of people competing there.”

I sincerely hope that Star Citizen makes its intended splash, making space combat games viable again. If it doesn’t, there’s going to be a swarm of really angry kickstarter backers.

Last Updated: April 24, 2013

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