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Star Citizen is too powerful for consoles

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I’m genuinely excited for Star Citizen. It’s a proper space sim and combat game, from none other than the man who wrote the book and directed the guilty pleasure film on the genre, Chris “Wing Commander” Roberts. I can’t wait for that game to be released in the next couple of years so that I can grab my Xbox controller an – What, it’s going to be PC only? OH COME ON!

Speaking to Ars Technica, Roberts said that his upcoming game would be a PC exclusive, due to the fact that current consoles couldn’t even handle the proof of concept mock ups that he had created in the pitch video for the title.

“You can do most of it on a next generation console, but I can promise you a top-end PC now is already more powerful than what a next generation console is going to be,” Roberts said. According to the developer, console memory limits were the key obstacle here, and even if a future Xbox or Playstation could pack in enough RAM, Roberts wanted the game to run on rigs that were beyond those next-gen capabilities.

“I’m looking at the high-end [hardware] today being the ‘Normal Gamer’ level in two years time,” Roberts said.

It’ll be kind of like Wing Commander used to be. If you had the extra memory, if you had the 386, it was a better experience, but you could still play it on a 286.

And it’s because of that hardware philosophy, that Roberts isn’t too keen on eventually porting the game over;

I have a high-end gaming rig, but I’ve also got all the consoles, and if someone is making a game for a console first, and it’s being ported to the PC, I’m always buying it for the console. I don’t want a buggy port of a console game on my PC that doesn’t really show my PC off.

That’s kind of sad news, because if there is one thing that console gaming has proven to be, it’s flexible. The Witcher 2 is one such example, as that game needed some serious hardware to run on PCs, yet the port that CD Projekt created for the Xbox 360 still managed to look and handle beautifully, despite it having to throw the towel in on several graphical setups.

Star Citizen is currently doing the crowd-funding initiative through Kickstarter and it’s own campaign, and has managed to raise over $3.8 million in total.

Last Updated: November 5, 2012

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