Star Citizen passes yet another milestone

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I just like using Space Ball references

In space, no one can hear you cha-ching. We’ve spoken plenty about Star Citizen before. Every dollar pledged, is another dollar that pushes it over the infinite crowd-funded barrier. In fact, the last time that I wrote about the game, it had explored the $40 million plus quadrant, with no end in sight. And right now that ship is setting sail at ludicrous speed, with over $63 million in the bank.

So what tier does $63 million unlock in Star Citizen? What digital fluff do backers get now? The MISC Reliant, if I’m reading the website correctly. Synopsis below:

MISC Reliant – With the success of the Freelancer “Built for Life” campaign, MISC has moved to join RSI and Consolidated in the single-seat introductory starship arena. Their silver bullet? A starter ship with more than one seat… and their ace in the hole: Xi’An technology. Where the Aurora is a pure utilitarian platform and the Mustang is a delicate, maneuverable personal transport, the Reliant is MISC’s most Xi’An tech-heavy ship to date. Featuring impossibly sleek lines, two separate crew seats and a vertical fuselage design, the Reliant’s streamlined cockpits glow with some of the finest xenotechnology available!

It took just two weeks for the game to raise more cash from the $61 million mark, which added the Espera Prowler once that was done. The next milestone for the game is set at $64 million, and will reward players with…pets. Yep, actual pets from your run of the mill cat who really doesn’t want to be in a cockpit when you’re doing barrel rolls to more exotic options. That’s a milestone that is already 50% finished.

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Which is absolutely crazy at this point. It’ll be interesting to see if this game manages to support the weight of all its accomplishments when it finally arrives.

Last Updated: November 28, 2014

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