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Star Citizen turns seven, adds spelunking and ship rental

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It’s 2012. Crowdfunding has just taken off, success stories are starting to emerge and some developers are starting to think big. One such rand idea for a video game produced outside of the AAA grind? Star Citizen, an ambitious project which planned to create the benchmark in the space exploration genre by asking fans for their trust. And cash, definitely their cash as a priority.

Since then…well something has been produced, although many frustrated backers have at this point thrown in the towel on Chris Roberts and his feature creep experience which has yet to deliver the experience that they were originally promised. It doesn’t help much either that several promised and scheduled features have slipped and been delayed in the past, with the Hollywood star power-backed single-player experience known as Squadron 42 now arriving sometime in 2020.

Something new is still being added to Star Citizen for 2019 though! Much to the delight of the tens of backers who defend the game whenever they’re given a chance, the persistent universe will now play home to ship rental, underground caves and more according to recent patch notes. Planets, moons and asteroids will have sub-surface caverns that can be mined for resources, a feature that was at one point limited to very specific and pricy starships that were designed for mining activity.

As for the biggest other addition to Alpha 3.7, ship rental will now cut out the need to actually spend a ludicrous amount of money on digital starships, as players can instead spend far less in-game cash on a test drive. A new map for some Star Marine shooting action rounds out the list of notable additions to Star Citizen as it remains in alpha state for its seventh year. Make of that what you will.

Love it or loathe it, Star Citizen will likely go down in history as the most crowdfunded game of all time, raking in over $237 million from backers alone and a sizable chunk of change from investors. Whether all that investment will ever result in a fully realised game that arrives in a complete state instead of being drip-fed to its most devout believers, remains to be seen.

Last Updated: October 15, 2019

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