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Star Citizen will have massive ship customization options

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It’s a really, really good time to have a gaming habit right now. There’s a ton of choices out there, and some real stunners on the horizon as well. Besides that new Pokémon game that will be arriving in the final quarter of the year, one other game that has my interest and attention, is Star Citizen. It’s a return to a genre that I absolutely adore. And it’s going to be filled with spaceships that take customisation to a new level.

With development being led Chris “Wing Commander” Roberts, I’ve got high hopes for this game. The funding initiatives have been successful so far, and Roberts has kept pre-order customers up to date throughout development of the game which will be PC exclusive thanks to some promised visuals that will be just too much to handle for consoles.


But one aspect that really looks inviting so far, is how each player will have a spaceship that can be fine-tuned. You know what you should do with that ship brother? You should drop it, chop it, add some flame decals and a spoiler or two!

It will be your home, your mode of transportation, your line of defense against pirates, Vanduul raiders and the dangers of vacuum itself… and what’s more, it will be an expression of your personal style and gameplay preferences.

Every sci-fi fan has dreamed about customizing their own Millennium Falcon or manning the stations on their own bridge of the USS Enterprise, blasting off on adventures in space against evil empires and mysterious aliens.

These fantasies are at the heart of our ship customization system: when you build a ship, we want you to feel like that ship is yours; that it’s not just a carbon copy of every other Aurora or Freelancer that you encounter.

What does that even mean? It means that everything, everything, from the thrusters to the starboard weapons can be tinkered with.


I swear, this game is going to appeal to my inner OCD sci-fi nerd who wants every part of his ship to be asymmetrical, red and to have a fin that resembles a middle finger being thrown when it hits hyperspace. There’s a ton more info on the official site, and it’s worth a read if you’re the kind of space ace who wants total control over his starfighter.

Last Updated: March 27, 2013

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