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Star Citizen is huge – and it’s growing still

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Star Citizen is a massive undertaking. It’s part of the reason why it’s still not going to see a commercial release this year, and why it may never reach that conventional release stage at all. The space sim has rapidly changed as the money has poured in, and it’s fairly easy to lose sight of what the final goal really is. This latest trailer for the game, however, puts things into perspective.

Straight from SXSW comes a brand new, lengthy trailer for the biggest crowdfunding success in the industry. If you still think Star Citizen is only about flying ships in space, then it feels like this trailer is for you. There’s dogfights, first-person shooting and even casual wandering around on space ports – because Star Citizen wants to be so much more than it originally billed itself to be.

I’ve been skeptical of the game in the past – and I still am, to be honest – but I do like the look of the persistent universe that is being built around all the space travel and high-octane orbital fights. Being able to kick back, connect with other players and do a bit of trading sounds like the perfect ship of pace in between intergalactic travels. It’s something I wish Elite: Dangerous had, and it feels like an organic addition to the Star Citizen formula.

Unlike the weird, first-person shooter module that can easily make you question what Star Citizen is really about. But I’m constantly reminded that I’m in the minority with this type of thinking. Star Citizen has a road-map for updates this year and hopes to hit some sort of commercial launch next year. Until then, watch the internet continue to throw money at it. It’s equal parts intriguing and scary.

Last Updated: March 16, 2015

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