Star Wars Battlefront II – What went wrong?

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Star Wars BF2 (1) (2)

2015’s Star Wars Battlefront was alright. It looked good, and while the focus may have strictly been on multiplayer, it still had a perfect foundation to build on. After all, it’s impossible to make a bad Star Wars game, right? PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE PSX COPY OF MASTERS OF TERAS KASI THAT I JUST HID!

Anyway, Star Wars Battlefront II showed promise. It had a single-player campaign, it looked like EA had been paying attention to criticism from the first game and the amazing visuals had been even further refined. What the hell went wrong then? What happened between Battlefront games, that resulted in the sequel being universally slammed and outnumbered by sales of the original game in launch week?

As usual, it came down to one simple factor: Greed. Here’s a breakdown on how Battlefront II shot itself in the foot.

Star Wars BF2 (1)

Between a strong showing at E3 and its eventual release in November, there was also a growing discontent amongst gamers, as more and more games began adding insidious microtransactions inside the products that were being sold for a hefty retail price. While Middle Earth: Shadow of War picked up plenty of flack for its loot boxes, NBA 2K18 was slammed for its absurd amount of microtransactions that attempted to influence fans to pay to win.

Not paying attention to mounting fan outrage, Star Wars Battlefront II launched a beta in October that saw many a red flag raised. Anyone with a credit card could purchase a significant advantage on their opponents, thanks to Star Cards which ranged from common to epic. EA did say that some changes would be made in response to this growing criticism, but the November 9 release painted a different picture for Battlefront II.

As fans expected, these fully armed and operation loot boxes could indeed be purchased with real cash, while actually earning a hero was an arduous and time-consuming process thanks to these icons costing an absolutely silly amount of credits to earn. Reddit players worked out that it would take an entire two days worth of grinding just to unlock one hero. Ridiculous stuff.

Star Wars BF2 (2)

To make matters worse, players could only earn a set amount of credits every day, leading to a fan revolt over the stupid progression system within Battlefront II that encouraged glorified gambling for the random contents of loot crates. By November 17, EA had removed all of these microtransactions, but only temporarily, while also lowering the cost of heres.

According to some sources, Disney applied pressure to EA to remove those microtransactions, as the house of mouse was none too happy with the PR disaster that was unfolding a month before Star Wars: The Last Jedi was meant to hit movie screens. Right now, the entire Battlefront II saga is still unfolding, as EA scrambles to win back fans.

Star Wars BF2 (2) (2)

Last Updated: November 23, 2017

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