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Star Wars Battlefront isn’t too big of a download

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We’ve come so far, gaming. BACK IN THE DAY, in a galaxy that was not so far away I can still remember being absolutely gob-smacked when I picked up a video gaming magazine (it was like a video game website, only the news and reviews were two months late). The one advantage that print had when it came to the rising tide of those filthy nerf herder gaming websites however, was the humble demo disc.

PC Format easily had my favourite demo disc, mostly because each CD-ROM had a hidden folder filled with low resolution toilet humour. Brilliant stuff. But those discs are what brought the latest game demos to our doors. Games that we simply could not download back then, as those tens of megabytes were too much for a 56K modem to handle.

Hell, back then I could barely look at dodgy anime pictures without my line screaming like a One Direction fan at a show. These days, we scoff at such downloads. Scoff to the max. 90mb game demos? Say hello to gigabytes of data just for a beta. And really, it’s obvious stuff. Bigger games, bigger resources and bigger quality means massive file sizes.

And that brings us to Star Wars Battlefront. I wasn’t massively bowled over by Star Wars Battlefront during the beta. I mean, it’s solid but I’m just not feeling the magic yet. What I will say however, is that it is easily one of the prettiest games of the year. The maps look gorgeous, the frame-rate is smooth and looking up to see Rebel Alliance cruisers and Imperial Star Destroyers duking it out is something that is straight out of the movies.

Hot damn, that’s going to be one massive download, right? Not really. Because Star Wars Battlefront won’t bust the Bothan bank, as EA confirmed:

Not bad at all. That’s the base game, all the maps across four planets, a half-dozen heroes/villains and various sound effects. It’ll most likely be the DLC and weekly updates, that chow your data like a Rancor in Jabba’s palace, once the game has launched next week.

Last Updated: November 10, 2015

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