Star Wars: Battlefront sounds like the sequel you’ve been looking for

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Let’s get this out of the way: EA sort of lied. Everyone was expecting the first proper look at Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay at the Star wars Celebration over the weekend, and while attendees definitely got that chance the rest of us didn’t Instead, we now know a hell of a lot more about the online shooter, and it’s sounding very much like a sequel any fan would want to play.

DICE was adamant that Battlefront is not being developed as a re-skinned Battlefield, and some of the details about the Star Wars shooter certainly suggest this is true. Battlefront sounds very much like previous entries in the title, with two teams on opposing sides of Rebels and Empire troops battling it out on various maps from the original Star Wars trilogy (during which the game is set). Rack up enough kills or team points, and you’ll unlock weapons as the round progresses, get access to vehicles and kill streaks (such as X-Wing carpet bombs) and even duke it out as a hero, be it Darth Vader or Han Solo.

As for rumors around the game being exclusive to first-person view, you’ll be able to pick. You can take aim down the sights in traditional shooter perspectives, or draw the camera back over the shoulder for a third-person view in true Battlefront style. What is missing, however, is space battles. Previous games had a heavy focus on these aerial dogfights, but DICE have sidelined them entirely for their rebooted take on the game. You can still pilot vehicles during matches, but don’t count on leading an X-Wing squadron to take down a Star Destroyer this year.

Battlefront will feature four planets to wage war on at release, namely the icy planet of Hoth, forest-clad Endor, dusty Tatooine and Sollust. Although it will take place during the original trilogy, DICE teased some free DLC that will launch a week after the game hits shelves. “The Battle of Jakku” will bridge the gap between the original trilogy and the upcoming Force Awakens film – which takes place 30 years later. Jakku is, of course, the new planet where the majority of the film is set.

The only real downside here is the lack of a campaign. Battlefront will offer single-player missions, as well as offline split-screen multiplayer in some of the game’s modes (thanks to the divine lack of Battlelog integration), but there’s not going to be a story to speak of. That feels like a bit of a lost opportunity, but not surprising given the franchises’ roots.

Star Wars: Battlefront will stick to rumours and launch of November 17th, and I highly doubt it’ll suffer a delay given the perfect timing around the release of the new film. You can check out the new reveal trailer for the shooter below, which was all captured using the game’s engine. That game won’t look this good in action, but it’s safe to say that it’ll be pretty darn close. You can pick up the game on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Last Updated: April 20, 2015

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