Star Wars Battlefront’s live-action trailer shows why I love the game

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Star Wars battlefront might have had a relatively smooth beta period, but it would be ignorant to ignore the divide it set in among players. On the one side you have people (like me) who adored the incredible Star Wars recreation coupled with the relatively arcade style feel to the online shooter. Others thought the exact opposite, slamming its lack of depth and uncompetitive nature.

Truth be told, it’s really the first point that make up a lot of the experience for me. And it’s exactly why this new Battlefront trailer speaks to me on a personal level.

That image of kids fighting with torches in a dark room to mimic epic lightsaber duels. Dressing up as your favourite Star Wars character for Halloween. Or even having the dedication to modify your bicycle to look like an X-Wing (wow these kids have time on their hands). All of that boils down to having an absolutele love for Star Wars, and it’s what Battlefront really tries to be all about.

It works to an extent, and I’m under no illusion that part of the reason why I was able to so easily look over some of the beta’s faults. Still the faults exist, and they’re a little more than some simple balance issues. Battlefront really needs to convince a lot of players that it has the sort of tactical depth a multiplayer-online title need to survive, as well as game modes that really shake up the status quo.

It’s difficult to look to the horizon and envision that so close to launch, but I think for those who did enjoy it the fun will still be there for months to come. There never really has been a game that could truly replicate the feeling of being a cog in the greater machine of a large scale Star wars battle, and Battlefront manages to do just that. Let’s see how long it can hold the illusion for next month.

Last Updated: October 19, 2015

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