Star Wars: The Old Republic – First footage and interview

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As reported previously, the upcoming Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic, is on it’s way and we now finally get to see some footage of the game as well as get some more info on what the game is about.

While I do think that is has potential, I cannot help but laugh at how much all of the companies creating MMO’s are scrambling to get something out to be the World of Warcraft beater. Just like World of Warcraft is referred to as WoW, the developers are already trying to get people used to the idea of calling this ToR (Just like Warhammer tried , with WAR), although in all fairness, many people referred to the Knights of the Old Republic games as KOTOR.

The other factor is the graphic style. The game is also moving in a bit more of a colourful cartoony look, just like WoW uses, in a move that I can only assume is there to try and entice the WoW audience.

Check the video out and see for yourself, who knows, maybe this game is really going to take off, it is Bioware behind the helm after all.

Last Updated: December 15, 2008

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