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Starbreeze’s Syndicate is going to be tough as nails

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Many people weren’t too happy with the recent announcement that Starbreeze’s Syndicate reboot would forgo the series’ isometric past and instead be a first-person shooter. The recent trailer, certainly interesting, did a fair bit to quell gamers’ vitriol – because isometric or not, the new Syndicate looks like it’ll be pretty damned good. Here’s something else that should make old-school gamers happy.

The game’s going to be really, really hard.

According to Starbreeze’s  Rickard Johansson said the game will "challenging. Not frustrating, but probably harder than a lot of games out there". The reason for the challenge, he said to CVG sister mag Xbox World, is the game’s AI which “"moves away from the lazy tactic of having respawning enemies to create a ‘challenge.”

"Different Syndicates will behave very differently to each other, meaning you need to adapt to circumstances as you play," he explained. "Some will rely on tech, while others will be more aggressive and use brute force. Some work on a commander system, others co-ordinate on the fly… It looks impressive and could be a real asset for the final game.”

Syndicate got a surprise release date of year, so you’ll get to see how hard it is yourself in February 2012. Of course, hard doesn’t necessarily mean good…unless we stopped talking about video games for a bit and somebody forgot to tell me.

Those of you longing for a more traditional Syndicate game can look forward to Paradox Studio’s Cartel, a Syndicate-flavoured turn-based game.

Last Updated: October 3, 2011

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