Starcraft 2 gets an Adult only rating in South Korea… something’s fishy here

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Starcraft 2

When we think about games that can justifiably get a Adults Only rating we think of Manhunt, GTA and even possibly something like Gears of War. However what we never think of is a RTS game like Starcraft and the news that Starcraft 2 has received an adults only rating in it’s biggest market is obviously very concerning to Blizzard.

According to the ratings board the level of violence, bad language and drug use is to blame but the rumour is that the organisation that runs those Starcraft tournaments in South Korea have been up to no good and have pushed the rating board to hand out the AO rating.

Oddly enough Blizzard has very little to do with the organised Starcraft games in Korea and the company that is, KeSPA, stands to lose a lot of money if the players move over to the new Starcraft which Blizzard will ensure it controls.

Blizzard have already announced they will be updating the build to allay any concerns the rating board has but let’s hope they don’t need to entirely nerf the story to get it through rating.

Source: ShackNews

Last Updated: April 23, 2010

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