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StarCraft 2 Tower Defence for iOS

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I’m a big fan of Tower Defence games on iOS, games like Kingdom Rush and Bloons keep me occupied forever but while both of those games are fantastic they are missing that wow factor that a huge publisher and AAA title would bring.

StarCraft 2 is arguably the number one strategy game on the planet at the moment and has so much depth that it is virtually impossible to port this killer title to a console of any sort as you would need to dumb it down to such a level that it would no longer be fun.

Which got me thinking, why don’t you rather dumb it down ever further and release it onto the iOS devices (or Android) as an in-depth and top-notch tower defence game?

The game would obviously have three paths that you need to follow; these being Terran, Protoss and Zerg.

Each one would consist of multiple levels which took you across the planet looking for ultimate domination.

Here are some of my ideas for towers, let me know in the comments what you think, and what towers I’m ultimately missing


  • Zergling hive – A small hive that expels zerglings as enemies approach (ground only)
    • Level 1: 3 Zerglings
    • Level 2: 5 Zerglings
    • Level 3: 10 Zerglings
  • Hydralisk Rock – A proud Hydralisk needs a rock to stand on (can attack air and ground)
    • Level 1: Standard Hydralisk
    • Level 2: Longer range, stronger acid
    • Level 3: Double the Hydralisks
  • Mutalisk Horde: Set a mutalisk an area to patrol (air only)
    • Level 1: Standard Mutalisk
    • Level 2: Upgrade to ground strike ability
      • Level 2.1: Upgrade to massive ground strike only
      • Level 2.2: Upgrade to multiple strike ability


  • Marine Barracks: Fortified structure that contains marines for ground attack
    • Level 1: 4 marines
    • Level 2: 4 marines + mounted gun that can target air
    • Level 3: add an addition 2 fire bats into the bunker
  • Siege Tank: Massive ground ranged attack – can be moved
    • Level 1: 1 Siege tank
    • Level 2: Siege mode research, vastly upgraded attack
    • Level 3: Adds corrosive acid to explosions for lasting damage
  • Missile Tower: Air defence
    • Level 1: standard missile tower
    • Level 2: Longer range missiles
    • Level 3: Mini mineral mine in the back for +10 minerals on every kill


  • Photon Cannon: The standard defence tower for Protoss (air and ground)
    • Level 1: Your tower
    • Level 2: Fast shooting
    • Level 3: Added power against armoured units
  • Mothership: Flying fortress (air and ground) – patrols
    • Level 1: Just the ship, can only attack ground targets
    • Level 2: Two Phoenix sentries to attack air
    • Level 3: Phase cannot for maximum ground destruction
  • Stalker: Ground and air attacks
    • Level 1: 1 Stalker
    • Level 2: 2 Stalkers
    • Level 3: Can repair each other

So that’s a quick idea on the few towers that could be included. With the detail in StarCraft it would be very easy to give each tower 10 or more upgrade paths and with the added ability of some towers being able to mine it could add quite the unique angle into Tower Defence games.

So who else wants this to exist? Maybe we should put together a petition for Blizzard?

[Update: when looking for an image I found the one above which seems to indicate this has been done before… I don’t care though I want it done for my iPad.. like right now]

Last Updated: January 18, 2013

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  1. Michal

    December 9, 2013 at 21:00

    hey from which game is screenshot i played it b4 but cant remember the name


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