StarCraft Exhibition Event Round-up

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StarCraft 2 Laptop

It was just last Saturday that Megarom hosted the StarCraft 2 Exhition party at the Sound Room in Kyalami and already we are looking forwward to see how they are going to outdo that one for their next big launch… Black Ops anyone?

Unfortunately most of us couldn’t get to the event but thanks to coverage by the guys from Mint Gaming and Starcraft Pulse we can at least sort of experience what it was like.

The Mint guys have posted some mini write ups that can be found on their site here and here and have been generous enough to supply me with a bucketload of pictures that can be seen after the break.

Seth Sven from Starcraft Pulse has also put up 2 videos showing what happened around the event and some parts during the event, it’s not the best quality but it is quite interesting to see Devon from Megarom practicing beforehand and also seeing how much work actually went into making this a possibility.

Well done to everyone involved and I can’t wait to see what’s up next.. oh and seriously how awesome is that paint job on the laptop in the header.

Pulse Wrap-up Part 1

Pulse Wrap-up Part 2

Pictures for Africa (Click ‘em to browse)

soundroom34 soundroom38

So were you there? Do you have extra pictures for our gallery?

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