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Stardew Valley will let you marry other players in multiplayer, which is out next year

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Stardew Valley multiplayer progress update

Stardew Valley is the sort of overnight success that so many independent game developers want to create. It’s addictive blend of menial tasks and carrot on the stick gameplay makes for an intoxicating formula, which propelled the game into stardom when it first launched on PC. Since then its come to consoles, and will soon (maybe) be launching on Nintendo Switch. With that comes a brand new multiplayer mode, which might only be ready next year in any case.

Stardew Valley wasn’t designed with multiplayer in mind, so many, many changes are being made to include the functionality. What it should encompass is four-player co-operative games, with one player acting as the main player and the other three as farmhands. You’re getting a slightly different experience as one of these three. You can still pretty much perform any action the core game has to offer, but you’ll have to trust your main host to put on festivals and decide when everyone should sleep. So choose wisely.

Probably the biggest (and strangest) addition, however, is the ability to make another player your spouse. Stardew Valley lets you get married in single-player, so why not make one of your trusty farmhands that lucky soul mate. Farmhands won’t be able to have more than one spouse, but it is an interesting dynamic to have specifically baked into the game.

It’s a mode that’s going to take some time though. Right now multiplayer is only slated for 2018, with a beta test hopefully coming a little later this year. Every single one of the game’s original source files is being altered to include this functionality. It’s not simply a few lines, as some players might be accustomed to assuming.

Last Updated: August 1, 2017

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