Steam Auctions are back up, still seem extremely broken

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Late last week Valve took down their new Auction House, which allowed everyone to convert useless trading cards into gems in order to bid on a massive catalogue of games. It wasn’t long before a huge exploit was discovered, allowing anyone to basically create gems out of thin air and post ludicrous bids. Valve say they’ve fixed the problem, but it still seems wildly silly.

Over the weekend, Valve reactivated the Holiday Auctions. wiping the slate clean and getting everyone to start converting and bidding from scratch. All community trades for gems were also reversed, in case anyone managed to grab a few million for basically nothing. That was probably meant to drive the price of bids down, but a quick look at the catalogue shows that they’re still almost unattainably high.

It’s nowhere near as bad as the massive bids during the bug outbreak, but some of the highest bids still exceed the million gem mark. It makes me wonder if the entire system is working properly. Gems are obtained by destroying Steam Trading Cards, Backgrounds and Avatars, as well as trading through the community market. I did some destroying this weekend, only managing to get around 200 gems out of 10 useless cards. I’ve sold most of my valuable ones ages ago, so I’m left wondering what type of hoarder manages to rack up even a hundred thousand of the suckers.

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The auctions kick off today and end on the 18th, so if you’ve got a massive pile of cards just taking up space you could try your luck. Unfortunately, I’ve found it to be a waste of time, and cards.

Last Updated: December 15, 2014

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