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I really like the concept of Steam Curators. I still need to sit down and make my own list of curated games. Tons of people have signed up and made a huge variety of lists. However, some of them were money hats and Steam doesn’t like that.

In a new update on the Steam Curator page, Valve has added an extra rule for Steam Curators. Added to the existing rules for keeping in on the Steam store and following the general rules and guidelines for user generated content, there’s this stipulation:

If you’ve accepted money or other compensation for making a product review or for posting a recommendation, you must disclose this fact in your recommendation.

This follows Twitch’s transparency rules amid all the YouTuber payola scandals. It seems that reviewer integrity is increasingly questioned; while it makes me sad that these measures have to be explicitly stated because we can’t trust people to do it on their own, at least we can hopefully expect more transparency in this regard.

Unfortunately, an unethical few are making game journalists in general look bad. There will always be those people who get into the industry for the free things, instead of realizing that there is a responsibility to your audience. If those people go on to recommend games purely to get money from the developers, it just shows how bad things can be. Not all journalists are like that, and I strongly believe that people can see through those gaming mercenaries whose integrity is for sale. Unfortunately, the mere fact that these hucksters exist taints the rest of the industry.

Last Updated: October 6, 2014

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