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Steam lets devs make own sales

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As if there weren’t enough Steam sales as it is, now we can expect even more discounts and great deals. I honestly don’t know if my backlog can take it. Oh who am I kidding, of course it can!

Spotted by a Reddit user, Valve made a rather private announcement on the Steamworks Developmen forums. Developers can now choose to create their own custom sales, or opt into upcoming sales. Previously, developers had to work with Valve to decide when their discounts could appear, but now they can do it whenever, and at whatever price discount they like.

Steam dev discount

I’m curious to see how many more developers opt into sales. It seems that people will only buy on Steam when there’s a sale – we all know games will go on sale eventually, and we’d rather pick up a bargain. So, does this mean that games will be on sale more often? Or will developers try to time their sales with key events? I’d love to see a “before we tell you this game is obsolete” sale, or “it’s my birthday so give me money” sale, or any number of options that developers can now use.

It seems like more and more freedom is being given to developers across distribution platforms. Obviously, that model is working. I wonder when we’ll see the consoles allow greater developer freedom on PSN and Xbox Live sales. We might start seeing even better prices. At least, we can hope.

Last Updated: February 28, 2014

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