Steam letting you share games?

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It’s still at a rumor phase, so we’ll have to wait and see.  However, some code buried in the latest Steam client beta shows something called a “shared game library”.  If it’s true, it would be mighty cool – can lend games through Steam, not just via disc.

First spotted on NeoGaf, the code (for those of you who understand that stuff) is:

“SteamUI_JoinDialog_SharedLicense_Title” “Shared game library”

“SteamUI_JoinDialog_SharedLicenseLocked_OwnerText” “Just so you know, your games are currently in use by %borrower%. Playing now will send %borrower% a notice that it’s time to quit.”

“SteamUI_JoinDialog_SharedLicenseLocked_BorrowerText” “This shared game is currently unavailable. Please try again later or buy this game for your own library.”

Translated into English, this means that somewhere deep in the code lies a shared library.  With it, you’ll be able to lend games to people, and kick them off your game when you want to play.  Obviously, like sharing a disc, only one user can play at a time.

Please keep in mind that this isn’t active code, and who knows if it ever will be.  It’s all in the hazy stage of possibility and rumor.  However, it’s pretty freaking awesome!  Perhaps it will be like the Xbox One’s sharing option with the “family of friends”, I know I would certainly appreciate some sharing.  Plus, with the ability to kick people off your game, it’s even better than giving a disc and then having to pester the person to get it back!

Last Updated: June 19, 2013

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